Paragon - Drongo

My sculpt of Drongo for Paragon.

I was responsible for hipoly, lowpoly, UVs & Bake of Drongo & all his weapons/accessories.

Concept by Zak Foreman
Textures/materials by Harrison Moore
Rig/weighting/dynamics by Aaron Carlisle
Art direction by Chris Perna, Kevin Lanning & Jordan Walker.

Kolby jukes drongo hex cu
Kolby jukes drong body cu
Kolby jukes drongo turnaround01
Kolby jukes drongo turnaround02
Kolby jukes drongo pistol

Drongo's Revolver

Kolby jukes boomerang

Drongo's boomerang

Kolby jukes shrapnel fullres 02

Final lowpoly in UE with clown bakes. No Textures or material work.

Kolby jukes drongo beautyshot 1920x1080

Promo shot of Drong with Harrison Moore's final textures and materials. Promo image by Tom Wright.

Drongo turntable

Drongo Revolver turntable

Drongo Bazooka turntable

Paragon - Drongo Announce Trailer